UTTERANCES 37 & 38 Inhaling automatically the solitary Word of 'terrible' power

This selection is located in the pyramid of Un-is on the north wall of the King's Chamber.

30a. hha Un-is isemen en ek oreti ek peseshet pesesh kef

hha Un-is  'O Un-is,'  [Faulkner has 'O King,']
isemen en ek  'it is because you have established'  [Faulkner has 'I fasten for you']
oreti ek  'your two jaws'  [Faulkner has 'your jaws']
peseshet  'in a divided state,'  [Faulkner has 'which were divided---']
pesesh  'a division technique'  [Faulkner has 'pesesh-']
kef  'which discarnates,'  [Faulkner has 'kef-instrument.]

O Un-is, it is because you have established your two jaws in a divided state, a division technique which discarnates,

30b. usir Un-is upi en ek re ek---bia netjer shemou bia netjer mehu

usir  'that O activity of the Eye'  [Faulkner has 'O Osiris']
Un-is  'of Un-is,'  [Faulkner has 'the King
upi en ek re ek---  'there will open for you your Tunnel Opening---'  [Faulkner has 'I split open your mouth for you---']
bia netjer  'god's Star lustre'  [Faulkner has 'god's iron']
shemou  'of the South'  [Faulkner has 'of Upper Egypt, 1 ingot;']
bia netjer  'and god's Star lustre'  [Faulkner has 'god's iron']
mehu  'of the North.'  [Faulkner has 'of  Lower Egypt, 1 ingot.]

that O activity of the Eye of Un-is, there will open for you your Tunnel Opening---god's Star lustre of the South and god's Star lustre of the North.

Contrary to the accepted meditation practices in the world today, the Ancient Egyptians knew that only naturally established central mouth breathing can open the Eye of Second Sight. Both nostrils will close down automatically as the Eye opens, and not otherwise. The text which follows the three hyphens is marked as ritual by the ancient authors.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey