UTTERANCE 425  The Cause of Immortality

This selection is located in the pyramid of Pepi I on the west wall of the Sarcophagus Chamber.

775a. djed medu us-ir Pepi I nedjeti redi en en ek netjeru nebu

djed  ‘Said’ (in the Sarcophagus Chamber facing West)  [Faulkner omits]
medu  ‘were the words:’  [Faulkner omits]
us-ir  ‘O activity of the Eye’  [Faulkner has ‘O Osiris’]
Pepi I  ‘of  Pepi I,’  [Faulkner has ‘the King,’]
nedjeti  ‘being inquired into;’  [Faulkner has ‘may you be protected!’]
netjeru nebu  ‘it is because all the gods’  [Faulkner has ‘ I ‘]
redi en  ‘have set in place’  [Faulkner has ‘give’]
en ek  ‘for you’  [Faulkner has ‘to you (all the gods),’]

Said (in the Sarcophagus Chamber facing West) were the words: O activity of the Eye of Pepi I, being inquired into; it is because all the gods have set in place for you

775b. iuot esen isetj djefau esen isetj

iuot esen  ‘their inherited Eye’  [Faulkner has ‘their heritages,’]
isetj  ‘verily,’  [Faulkner omits]
djefau esen  ‘their uplifting powers’  [Faulkner has ‘their provisions’]
isetj  ‘verily’  [Faulkner omits]

their inherited Eye verily, their uplifting powers verily

775c. ishet esen neb isetj ne met ek

neb  ‘and all’
ishet esen  ‘their possessions’  [Faulkner has ‘their possessions,’]
isetj  ‘verily,’  [Faulkner omits]
ne met ek  ‘that you will not die.’  [Faulkner has ‘for you have not died.’]

and all their possessions verily, that you will not die.

Osiris is one of a set of  Nine universal abstractions in the Pyramid Texts with no human forms ever showing in their Hieroglyphs. The members of this ‘Ennead’ have a genealogical sequence of  development in time, but they are in themselves without human form and should only be thought of as abstract realities. Much later with the help of the Greeks, it was inevitable that a complex Mythology would grow up around this Ennead of abstractions. It is only this Mythology which has meaning, according to the current Science of  Egyptology. This dismissal of real abstract meanings by all the leading authorities in Egyptology is not really necessary. They could just as easily have chosen to do otherwise with their training.

It is just not possible to understand the Pyramid Texts without having  some grasp of the real meaning of the word us-ir or the Greek Osiris. It occurs over 400 times in the Utterance lines of these writings. Fortunately, this all important Egyptian word is written in a well known two part form for constructing abstract nouns. The first part us means ‘activity’ and the second part ir means ‘of the Eye’. The ‘Eye’ is the ‘Eye of  Second Sight’ where ‘Second Sight’ is the abstract meaning of heru or the Greek Horus.

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