UTTERANCE 419 (The Polestars which accompany Activity-of-the-Eye)

743a. djed medu inedj her ek teti em hheru ek pen

Said is the (Atlantean) Word (sah), so that the Sight of you an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha (6 inches before the brow)  will be hailed in such a day of yours,

743b. ohoti khefet ro peri ef em iabet

you (the mortal King) being-attentive in-front-of the god-Star, so that it will levitate in the East,

743c. djebati em soh ek pen imi akhu

you (the mortal King) being-clothed in such a rank of yours which is among the Spirits,

743d. abekhekh en ek ou ruu en ek redui djam en ek dut

so that controls will be united for you (the mortal King), so that footing will be removed for you, so that hands will be crossed-there for you,

744a. inedjer en set o ek soq es tju em chenu meniu

it will happen because the left-eye has caught-hold-of your control, so that it will cause you to enter within the mooring-post,

744b. djeba ta hai ureshu ek

so that the earth will be clothed, so that your watchers will chirp

745a. hetep redi inepu khenet imenetiu

whatever-is-hit-upon which a Bringer-about-of-Levitation the Foremost of Westerners sets-in-place,

745b. khau ek em te khau ek em heneqet khau ek em merihet

your thousand-petalled-lotuses as the Eye, your thousand-petalled-lotuses as power-for-being-high, your thousand-petalled-lotuses as love-of-power,

745c. khau ek em shes khau ek em menekhet

your thousand-petalled-lotuses as fate-of-the-Eye, your thousand-petalled-lotuses as incarnations,

745d. khau ek em kau

your thousand-petalled-lotuses as consciousnesses,

746a. heseqeq en ek semen nepedjedj en ek tjerep

so that the establisher will be beheaded for you, so that the levitating-mouth-breather will be slaughtered for you,

746b. der en heru djut iret teti em ifedet ef

it will happen because Second-Sight has removed the evil relating-to an  (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha in his fourth-period (of time),

746c. ikhem en setesh irit en ef ir teti em khemenet ef

it will happen because Illusion has known-not that which it has done to an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha in his eighth-period (of time),

747a. un oaui her shetau sut

so that the double-door will open in-charge-of those whose places are secret,

747b. oho ider ta ek ukha khemu ek tjezi tju

so be-attentive, so that your earth will be removed, so that your dust will be thrown-off, so raise yourself,

748a. khenez ek em ob akhu

so that you will travel in the company of the Spirits,

748b. djenehui ek em bik zishi ek em seba

so that your two-wings will be as your-falcon-Soul, so that your attained-space will be as the ensouled-Star,

748c. ne kesu khauti her teti

so that the two-(mortal)-eyes-in-the-dark will not be bowed-down (while) in charge of an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha (6 inches before the brow),

748d. ne itju ib en teti ne hemem hati ef

so that the Gravity-Center of an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha (6 inches before the brow) will not be seized, so that his Gravitational-Midst will not be yielded,

749a. teti pu ur udja ureret

for such an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha is a Giant whose Gigantic-Eye-Crown is whole,

749b. hetem su teti em out ef biat

so that an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha will equip himself in his miraculous fractions,

749c. nemi teti pet ir sekhet iaru

so that an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha will traverse Levitation-Practice on-the-way-to the (inner) Visual Field,

749d. iri teti imen ef em sekhet hetep

so that an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha will achieve his hidden-abode in the Field of Whatever-is-hit-upon

749e. mem ikhemu sek shemesu usir

among the Polestars which accompany Activity-of-the-Eye.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey