UTTERANCE 417 (so that the Giant will sleep in charge of the Blue-Void)

741a. djed medu sedjer ur her mut ef nut

Said is the (Atlantean) Word (sah), so that the Giant will sleep in charge of his mother the Blue-Void,

741b. hebes tju mut ek tait

so that your mother the Veiled-Eye will clothe you (the mortal King),

741c. fa es tju er pet em ren es pu en djeret

so that it (the Veiled-Eye) will lift you (the mortal King) up to Levitation-Practice in this its name of 'Kite',

741d. gemii gemi en es heru es

so that the found-thing which it (the Veiled-Eye) has found is its Second-Sight,

741e. heru etj pu nen set zebi etj o ef en ro er akhet

so that such a Second-Sight of yours (the Veiled-Eye's) will be this, so that you (the Veiled-Eye) will attain its (Second Sight's) control for the god-Star at the Horizon-point (6 inches before the brow).
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey