UTTERANCE 414 (Second-Sight, the Possessor of Controlled-Levitation)

737a. djed medu hha teti pu

Whenever said is the (Atlantean) Word (sah), so that such an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha will manifest (6 inches before the brow),

737b. shezep en ek seshep ek shezep en ek hati ek her ek

it will happen because you (the mortal King) have received your brightness (6 inches before the brow), it will happen because you have received your unveiled-state which is in charge of you,

737c. unekh ek em iret heru imit tait

so that you (the mortal King) will be clad in the Eye of Second-Sight which is in the Veiled-Eye-Center (6 inches before the brow),

737d. iri es kiit ek kher netjeru iri es em siat ek kher netjeru

so that it (the Eye) will achieve your chirping near the gods, so that it (the Eye) will act in recognition of you (the mortal King) near the gods,

737f. itj ek ureret im es kher heru neb pot

so that you (the mortal King) will seize the Gigantic-Crown which is it (the Eye) near Second-Sight, the Possessor of Controlled-Levitation.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey