UTTERANCE 412 (so that the Giant who was in Atlantis will travel-again)

(pat) the Primeval Times of Atlantis, as described in the Pyramid Texts, extend back some millions of years to an Earlier Age in the Paranormal Evolution of humanity upon earth. Plato's account contains a description of the final destruction of Atlantis which now appears to be lacking from the older Pyramid Texts of Saqqara. But the known dictionary word (ur) meaning Giant or Gigantic (physically) has been completely editedout of the Pyramid Texts hundreds of times by Egyptologists and has then always been degraded to great (figuratively). By this one deft move, these historical Giants and all of their civilizations have been effectively expunged with the stroke of a pen!

721a. djed medu ikher ur her ges ef

Said is the Atlantean Word sah, so that the Giant will be-near (6 inches before the brow) in charge of his side,

721b. nemenem imi nedit

so that He (the Giant) who was in Atlantis will travel-again (in the Eye),

721c. tjezi tep ef in ro

so that his mind will be raised by the god-Star (6 inches before the brow),

721d. but ef qeded mesedji ef bagi

so that he will detest sleep, so that he will hate being-Soulless,

722a. iuf en teti pen

so that the flesh of such an Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha will

722b. me hua me imek me dju setj ek

not be in a decaying state, not be in a rotting state, not be in the mortal state of your odor,

722c. nesuaa red ek neshases nemet ek

so that your foot will not be surpassed, so that your stride will not be travelled-beyond,

722d. ne khened ek her huat usir

so that you will not tread in charge of any corruption of Eye Activity,

723a. sah ek pet mer sah seped ba ek mer sepedet

so that you will arrive at Levitation Practice like the Great Pyramid Star (sah), so that your Soul will be sharp-pointed like the Star Sirius,

723b. iba ek bati uash ek uasheti

so that you will be the Soul having been the Soul, so that you will be exalted having been exalted,

723c. oho ba ek mem netjeru em heru her ib iru

so that your Soul will stand (or have-Controlling-Power) among the gods as (immortal) Second-Sight in charge of a Center of Gravity of the Form-World,

724a. kheper shot ek er ib netjeru

so that your (mortal) slaying will happen at the Center of Gravity of the gods,

724b. mer net tepet bit mer mizut tepet nesut

like the Red Crown which is upon the (Lower Egyptian) Bee-Siddha, like the White Crown which is upon the (Upper Egyptian) Sedge-Siddha,

724c. mer henezeket tepet menetju

like the braided-side-lock which is upon the Desert-dwellers,

724d. nedjer ek ir o ikhemu sek

so that you will hold-fast to control of the Polestars (6 inches before the brow),

725a. ne hetem qesu ek ne zun iuf ek teti

so that your bones (6 inches before the brow) will not be destroyed, so that your flesh of an Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha will not perish,

725b. ne her out ek ir ek

so that your limbs (6 inches before the brow) will not be distant from you,

725c. en tjut is uo em netjeru

because you are verily one among the gods,

725d. khesefu en ek pe khedi en ek nekhen

so that the Levitation-Center will levitate-upstream for you, so that the Youth-Center will levitate-downstream for you,

726a. djesu en ek semenetet suh en ek imiu khenet

so that the two-establisher-powers will chirp for you, so that those-who-are-in-front (6 inches before the brow) will egg-vest (you) for you,

726b. ii em hetep ir ek teti en it ek ii em hetep ir ek en ro

so that there will be a coming to you as-though (just) hit-upon (6 inches before the brow), O Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha, by your father, so that there will be a coming to you as-though (just) hit-upon by the god-Star,

727a. un en ek oaui pet izen en ek oaui sehedu

so that the double-door of Levitation-Practice will open (6 inches before the brow) for you, so that the double-door of Illumination-Practice will open for you,

727b. hha en teti em zab shemo

it will happen because an Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha has manifested (6 inches before the brow) as the Soul-Attainment of Predestining-in-control,

727c. inepu is her chet ef upiu is khenet iunu

like a Bringer-about-of-Levitation in-charge-of his body, like an (Eye)-Opener presiding-over the Spinal-Axis,

728a. redi en en ek hunet uret heret ib iunu ou es ir ek

it will happen because the Gigantic-Rejuvenated-Eye in-charge-of the Center-of Gravity of the Spinal-Axis has given its two controls to you (the mortal Siddha),

728b. en iut mut ek em remetj mesiti tju

because there is no mother of yours among humans who could give birth to you,

728c. en iut it ek em remetj mesi tju

because there is no father of yours among humans who could beget you,

729a. mut ek semat uret heret ib nekheb hedjet ofenet

so that your Mother is the Gigantic Sight-Causing-Blue-Void which is in-charge-of the Midst of the Opened-up-Center, the White Crown of Uplifted-control-for-the-Eye,

729b. aut shuti nekhakhat menedjui

whose Two Voids are extended and whose Two Breasts are ancient,

729c. senekh es tju ne udjeh es tju

so that She will suckle you and She will not wean you,

730a. ider tju her ges ek iab hemesi her ges ek imen teti

so subdue yourself in charge of your left side and sit in charge of your right side (6 inches before the brow), O Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha,

730b. so that your Third Place (6 inches before the brow) which is among the gods will be enduring, so that the god-Star will sustain in charge of you in its shoulder,

730c. setj ek em setj esen

so that your perfume will be their perfume,

730d. fedet ek em fedet pesedjeti

so that your effort will be the effort of the Two Sets-of-Nine-cosmic-gods,

731a. ikho ek teti em khet hat

so that you the Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha will appear in the Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha Hood-thing of the Brow (like the Great Sphinx),

731b. imeh djeret ek em ames khefo khefo ek her hedj

so that your hand will be filled with the Extension-in-the-Eye-scepter, so that your fist will grasp in charge of the Levitation-Power-mace,

731c. oho teti em khenet itereti udjo medu netjeru

so that an Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha will be-attentive (6 inches before the brow) in the sphere-of-the-Eye of the two-(spinal)-rows-of shrines, so that the Word sah of the gods will be discerned,

732a. en tju nekhekhu pecheru ro tepu ou netjer dua

for you belong to the Ancient Ones who levitated-under the god-Star who were before the Dawning-god-Star,

732b. mesi ek ir abedu ek mi ioh

so that you will give birth to your months like the Moon,

732c. tua ro her ek em akhet teti

so that the god-Star will sustain in charge of you in the Horizon Point (6 inches before the brow),O Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha,

733a. shemes tju ikhemu sek

so that the Pole-Stars will accompany you (6 inches before the brow),

733b. ioba tju ir iu ro teti

so Soul-control yourself, so that the god-Star will come (6 inches before the brow), O Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha,

733c. uob ek peri ek en ro

so that you will originate-Soul-control (6 inches before the brow), so that you will levitate for the god-Star,

733d. ne shu pet im ek teti djet

so that Levitation Practice will not be empty of you, O Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha, forever.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey