UTTERANCE 410 (a Siddha will always-be your originally-Gigantic-Eye)

719a. djed medu i djedu djed imi geregu ba ef

Said is the Atlantean Word sah, O Spinal-Axis-center which is the Structural-Support-center-of-your (the mortal King's)-Soul,

719b. un teti em urut ek unen teti em urut ek

so that an Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha will be your originally-Gigantic-Eye, so that an Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha will always-be your originally-Gigantic-Eye,

719c. gemi tju teti hemeset her sunu pu en khati

so that an Egypto-Atlantean-Siddha will find you (the mortal King) located in charge of such a being-caused-tower of the examined-Eye,

719d. hemesu netjeru im ef nuhu nebu kau er ef

in which the gods are located, to which the possessors of Third consciousness are bound,

719e. iu er { . . . }

to [which . . . ] will come [ . . . ]
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey