UTTERANCE 406 (so that you will be narrow in the sphere-for-the-Eye)

706a. djed medu inedj her ek ro em nefer ek em neferu ek

Whenever said is the Atlantean Word sah, so that inquired-into will be the Sight of you (before the brow), O god-Star, in the beautiful one of yours, in your beauty,

706b. em sut ek em saaui ek

in your places, in your two-spinal-extenders,

707a. ini en ek iretjet set en teti agebi nebet hut

it will happen because you (the mortal King) have brought-about (before the brow) the milk of the Left-eye for an Egypto-Atlantean Siddha* (*See Utterance 407) and the flood of the Right-eye,

707b. pecheru she hii en uadj ur

the Levitation-thereunder of the Void, the two-hitters of Gigantic paranormal-success,

707c. onekh udja seneb nedjem ib

the life, wholeness, well-being and Center of Gravity sweetness

707d. te heneqet hebes ikhet onekh teti im

of the Eye (before the brow), the Power-for-Levitation, the Soul-Power-of-the-Eye and the Eye-sphere, so that an Egypto-Atlantean Siddha* will live therein (in the Eye-sphere),

708a. sedjem en ofetiu

it will happen (before the brow), because the Levitation-Power-controllers have heard (the Atlantean Word sah),

708b. au em hheru hetep en em gerehu

being extended in the days, having been hit-upon in the nights,

708c. zema er khet hetep en esen her hetepu esen

adjacent to the Eye-sphere, it will happen because they (the Levitation-Power-controllers) have hit-upon the Sight of that which is hit-upon,

709a. ma tju teti peri ek er ek em djehuti

so that an Egypto-Atlantean Siddha* will see you (the mortal King), so that you will Levitate to yourself as a Crosser-of-the-two-powers,

709b. irit mesesha en uia ro

so that a current-path will be achieved (before the brow) for the Levitator of the god-Star,

709c. er sekhut ef imit iasu

to the visual-fields which are in the bare-center (before the brow),

709d. gua ek em khenet hiiu ef

so that you (the mortal King) will be narrow (or pinpoint concentrated) in the sphere-for-the-Eye of its (the god-Star's) two-hitters.

(*See Utterance 407)
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey