UTTERANCE 403 (One whose Soul-control is paranormally-successful)

699a. djed medu i uadj oab ef tep sekhet ef

Said is the Atlantean Word sah, O one whose Soul-control is paranormally-successful upon his (visual)-field (before the brow),

699b. i uba ukhiikh tep nehhet ef

O (Soul)-opener of the flower-bud upon his (sycamore)-sheltered-Eye (before the brow),

699c. i tjehen idebu tep ima ef

O gleaming of shores which is upon his scene (before the brow),

700a. i neb sekhut uadjut in hhi

O possessor of paranormally-successful (visual) fields thereby in joy (before the brow),

700b. unen teti djeretj mem etjen peri teti em iqedut etjen

so that an Egypto-Atlantean Siddha* (*See Utterance 407) will always be among you-all (the visual fields before the brow), so that an Egypto-Atlantean Siddha* will Levitate in the fashionings of you-all,

700c. onekh teti em onekhet etjen im

so that an Egypto-Atlantean Siddha*will live in that Eye wherein you-all (the visual fields) live,

701a. i kau ipu nu tem

O such bulls of the Universal-Star,

701b. suadj teti seqah teti er net tepet ef

so that an Egypto-Atlantean Siddha* will be caused to succeed-paranormally, so that an Egypto-Atlantean Siddha* will be powerfully-heightened more than the Red Crown which is upon him,

701c. er agebi tep maset ef er beniit imit khefo ef

more than the Flood which is upon his thighs, more than the Bliss which is in his grasp.

(*See Utterance 407)
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey