UTTERANCE 401 (The brow Levitation-center, redder than a flame)

697a. djed medu ii en teti em pe desher er sedjet onekh er kheperer

Whenever said is the Atlantean Word sah, it will happen because an Atlantean (the immortal King) has returned in the Levitation-center (before the brow of the mortal King), redder than a flame, more alive than a scarab,

697b. iu ma en teti uret iu shezep en teti uret

it is thus (in this way) that it will happen because an Atlantean has seen the Giant-Serpent-Power, it is thus that it will happen because an Atlantean has received the Giant-Serpent-Power,

697c. iu kher her en teti her uret

it is thus that the Sight of an Atlantean will fall in charge of the Giant-Serpent-Power,

697d. uah en hu sema ef en teti

it will happen because Authoritative Utterance (of sah) has initiated its causing-to-see (before the brow) for an Atlantean,

697e. djai teti mer ef djet ef em khet ef

so that an Atlantean (the immortal King) will cross his channel, (with) his Serpent Power behind him.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey