UTTERANCE 389 (sah, so that Sight will be in charge before the brow)

682a. djed medu her her ek imi tjepehet ef

Said is the Atlantean Word sah, so that Sight will be in charge of you, O you that are in your tunnel (before the brow),

682b. setja tju netjer imi es tep ou teti

which drags you out (before the brow), O god which is in it (the tunnel) upon the control of an Atlantean,

682c. teti pu hunet uret

for such an Atlantean will be a Gigantic offspring-Eye (before the brow),

682d. maa teti ne onekh ef

so that an Atlantean will see, so that he will not live,

682e. ikher her en teti her ef ne tjez tep ef

so that the Sight of an Atlantean will fall in charge of it (the Cessation Causing Power), so that its head will not be tied,

682f. seriu zeben imi naut peno tju

of the Cessation Causing Power, having gone astray, which is in the flower, and which also turns you within.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey