UTTERANCE 355 (So that the Double-door of the Blue Void will open)

572a. djed medu un oaui pet


572b. djed medu hha teti pu

Said is the solitary Word sah, O such an Atlantean,

572c. tjez en ek tep ek ir qesu ek tjez en ek qesu ek ir tep ek

so that your levitated Eye will be tied (inseparably) to your physical Levitation, so that your physical Levitation will be tied (inseparably) to your levitated-Eye,

572d. un en ek oaui pet senekhebekheb en ek zu uru

so that the double-door of the Blue Void will be opened for you, so that the gigantic bolts will be caused to open up for you,

572e. setja en ek djebet em hat oat

so that the Soul-crossing-brick will be withdrawn for you in the giant tomb-brow,

573a. her ek em zab khebezet ek mahez

so that your Sight will be as the jackal, so that your tail will be as the lion,

573b. hemes ek her khened ek pu udj medu en akhu

so that you will sit in charge of such a causal-seat of yours, so that you will command the solitary Word sah for the Spirits,

573c. iu ek kher iu ek kher iu ek a kher

so that you will come near those, so that you will come near those, so that you will come indeed near those,

573d. heru is nedj en ef it ef usir

like Second Sight which inquires into its father Activity of the Eye for itself,

574a. teti pu ineput ek

so that such an Atlantean will be that Eye of yours which brings about Levitation,

574b. di ek o ek em ta em oha o ek em iat uret

so that you will set in place your control in the earth when your control is fought in the gigantic world,

574c. unun ek im ef mem akhu

so that you will travel about in it among the Spirits.

574d. oho tjez tju mi usir

Focus attentively (on the Star before the brow) and tie yourself (inseparably) in an attained state like the Activity of the Eye.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey