This Utterance first appears carved in the Pyramid of Teti on the east gable of the Telekinesis-Ark Chamber. It is also carved in the later Pyramids of Meri-en-ro and Nefer-ka-ro (Pepii II) upon corresponding wall locations in their Sarcophagus Chambers.

UTTERANCE 341 (Vision of an immortal Aker-Sphinx will be opened)

555a. {djed medu un her en heru in} aker un her en aker in heru

[Whenever said is the Word (sah), so that the Vision of Second-Sight will be opened] by an (immortal) Aker-Sphinx, so that the Vision of an (immortal) Aker-Sphinx will be opened by Second-Sight,

555b. redi en bohet ou es er teti

it will happen because more-than-enough (Telekinesis Power) has moved its control to an (immortal, Telekinesis) King,

555c. shen en ou teti hab

it will happen because the control of an (immortal, Telekinesis) King has inquired into the arbor-catch (of Second-Sight),

555d. irit neb sekhet en za es hab

so that whatever-Eye the visual-field's possessor (the mortal King) achieves belongs to its offspring the arbor-catch,

555e. unem en teti heno ef em hheru pen

it will happen because an (immortal, Telekinesis) King has experienced together with it in such a day.

In this Pyramid Text, it is clear that such an Aker-Sphinx is an (immortal, Telekinesis) King himself on his own path toward attaining the Vision of Second-Sight and more than enough Telekinesis Power. But this Aker-Sphinx has two heads as depicted over half a dozen times in the two-headed ideograms at the end of each writing of the word Aker. Where in Giza is this second head of the Aker-Sphinx which is being referred to in the Pyramid Texts? It is evident from the ground plan of Giza that its original location must now be directly under the south face of Kho-ef-ro's pyramid. This would mean that the Great Sphinx and its covered twin are older than the second Pyramid of Giza and could not have been built by Kho-ef-ro, as currently believed.

The Egyptian Egyptologist Selim Bey Hassan guessed that the above illustration, from the 3,400 year old Spiritual Text "Im Duat", was actually a stylized representation looking north at the sloping Giza plateau. In this view, the Great Pyramid is indicated in the center and the Great Sphinx is located on the right below it. Judging from the explanatory Hieroglyphic texts in this Great Pyramid picture and Pyramid Text inscriptions about this immortal Aker-Sphinx (He-from-whom-you-evolve-paranormally), Hassan was most certainly right in his conjecture. The Aker-Sphinx secret of Giza can only be revealed by making use of such information from actual Ancient Egyptian sources.

In 1954, Alexandre Piankoff published his English translations from "The Tomb of Ramesses VI" which is located in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor, Egypt. He wrote that "Ramesses VI remains one of the most mysterious kings in Egyptian history." This strange Sphinx illustration from the book "Im Duat" is a painted relief on one of the walls of "Royal Tomb No. 9," which "is situated just above that of Tut-Ankh-Amon."

The nineteen column triangular text over the "egg"(or inefficacy) of Sokaris (He-from-whom-you-attain-paranormally), "the oval, on the backs of the two human-headed lions" reads:

unen zeshemu pen

Such a guidance-Star exists

em zekheru pen em keku zemau

as this plan in adjoining darkness,

hedj nut iret netjer pen

so that the inefficacy which is against such a god (Sokaris He-from-whom-you-attain-paranormally) will be lighted up

em ireti tepu netjer oa

in the two-eyes of the heads of a Gigantic god (the Great Sphinx),

iuf haiit redui em qabu netjer oa

so that the flesh of the inner-Eye will be the footing in the (central-serpent-power) coils of a Gigantic god,

zau ef shou ef

so that he will guard his pineal-sand.

iuf her shou ef iuf zeker her zeshemu ef

The flesh in-charge-of his pineal-sand is the flesh of Sokaris (He-from-whom-you-attain-paranormally) in-charge-of his guidance-Star (six inches before the brow).

iu sedjemut kheru khet em nut etj ten em khet

It is that the Sound of something in this inefficacy of yours (the mortal King's) is heard thereafter,

em opep netjer pen oa her ezen

in the passing of such a Gigantic god in-charge-of them,

mi kheru pe em hhemu net heret em neshen ez

like that Sound in the shrieking of the sky in its storm.

The eastern Sphinx is the Universal Sight power which sees the Left half of the visual-field for both eyes. And the western Sphinx is the Universal Sight power which sees the Right half of the visual field for both eyes. Both Sight powers are needed to light up the "egg"or inefficacy of Second-Sight and Telekinesis-Power.

The first three column text in front of the western head on the left reads:

zereq ef em kheru netjer oa

He (Ramesses VI) inhales through the Word (sah) of a Gigantic god,

irit ef pe zaut zeshemu ef

so that such an achievement of his will be to guard his guidance-Star (six  inches before the brow).

The first four column text in front of the eastern 'Great Sphinx' head on the right reads:

zereq ef kheru

He (Ramesses VI) inhales the Word (sah),

irit ef pu em zaut zeshemu ef

so that such an achievement of his will be the guarding of his guidance-Star (six inches before the brow).

"The Word (sah) of the Gigantic god" is not just something general, as Piankoff and others might be inclined to think. It is an actual Word which has the Power to open the Sight of Second-Sight and unleash the Sidereal-Force of Telekinesis. The unsuspected subject of the Pyramid Texts turns out to be this actual mouth-breathed Word and how to unleash its Gigantic Power.

An oval border of sand between the left and right sphinxes encloses a gigantic three headed winged serpent with a human headed tail. The falcon headed god Sokaris (He from whom you attain paranormally) is standing at the coils between the wings of this serpent. The text in the left brain-sand border of the oval reads:

zau iuf sheta zeker

The secret flesh of Sokaris (six inches before the brow) is guarded.

The text above the human head of the gigantic serpent reads:

onekh ef em tep re ef ro neb

It (the gigantic serpent) lives in the roof of his (the King's) mouth every day.

The text behind the human head of the gigantic serpent reads:

zau iuf sheta akhet

The secret flesh of the horizon-point (six inches before the brow) is guarded.

The text above the three heads of the gigantic winged serpent reads:

netjer oa up djenehuii sab shut

The gigantic (serpent) god which opens left and right wings, dappled of feather.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Kassahn

"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
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