UTTERANCE 338 (The Primordial Dark Void)

551a. djed medu heqer me iu ir teti

Said is the solitary Word sah, so that as to hunger, let it not come to an Atlantean,

551b. iz er ek er nenu shema er ek agebi

but as to yourself attain instead to the Abyss and as to yourself depart instead to the Flood,

551c. iu teti sa

so that an Atlantean will be satisfied,

551d. ne heqer teti em qemehu pu en heru unem en ef

so that an Atlantean will hunger not in such a Height in Levitation Power of Second Sight which he has experienced,

551e. iri en en ef zet ef uret isa ef im itj ef ta pen im

which his giant attained-Eye has achieved for him, so that he will be satisfied therein, so that he will take possession of this earth therein,

552a. ne ibi teti em shu ne heqer teti em tefenut

so that an Atlantean will thirst not in the Primordial Void, so that an Atlantean will hunger not in the Dark Void beyond the Nirvanic Blue Void.

552b. hepi dua mut ef qebehu senu ef im seti

Levitation Power, Dawning of the Mother Eye, Controlled Breathing in these paranormal attainments and the (correct) Eye Location

552c. ider esen heqer pen neti em chet net teti

will remove such hunger which is only in the physical body of an Atlantean

552d. ibet ten netet em sepeti teti

and such thirst which is only in the physical lips of an Atlantean.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey