UTTERANCE 329 (An Atlantean's Sight is in charge of his Levitation)

538a. teti pu djeser imi khenet tjezez hat

Such an Atlantean is that which is set apart which is in the brow, which is aroused frontally,

538b. seba kesesu en ef netjeru sedau en ef pesedjeti

the Star, because of which the gods bow down, because of which the Universe trembles.

538c. her pu en teti her maa utjez ef

Such an Atlantean's Sight is in charge of seeing to his own Levitation,

538d. teti pu fenedj sesen

so that such an Atlantean will also be a nose which sniffs.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey