UTTERANCE 328 (The Star, Because of which the Universe Trembles)

This selection is located in the pyramid of Teti on the west or Atlantean wall of the Atlantean Chamber.

537a. djed medu teti pu djeser imi khenet tjezez hat

Said is the solitary Word sah, so that such an Atlantean will become that which is set apart, which is in the brow, which is aroused two sevenths of a cubit (six inches) in front,

537b. seba kesesu en ef netjeru sedau en ef pesedjeti

the Star, because of which the gods bow down, because of which the Universe trembles,

537c. in djeret teti utjez es su

for it is the control of an Atlantean which will levitate him.

The expression imi khenet ‘which is in the brow’ is telling us exactly where this Star consciousness is seemingly set apart. khenet is not ‘superiority’ of ‘the forefront’ but is instead a simple reinforcement of the apparent visual location of an Atlantean's Star identity before the brow. Throughout the Pyramid Texts, khenet always refers to this frontal location which is six inches (or two sevenths of a cubit) before the brow, according to an earlier line 232b in Utterance 230.

The Star is an ‘ensouling Star’, because seba also means ‘that which ensouls’ This frontal Star is obviously not an astronomical star, because of its location within as well as its power to cause the Universe to tremble.

An Atlantean's control (of searching for, finding and staring at the Star) is what will levitate him both physically and spiritually.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey