UTTERANCE 326 (Reversing the Spiritual Fall of Atlantis)

According to unmistakable astronomical evidence in Utterance 302, this text was actually sculpted at least 26,000 years ago in the stone pyramid of Teti on the west or Atlantean wall of the Atlantean Chamber (see parts 1 & 3 of "The Great Pyramid Texts" in www.pyramidtexts.com ). But according to the supposedly reliable guesses of modern chronology, Teti's pyramid was completed only forty three centuries ago (see the introduction in www.pyramidtexts.com )! There are two key words in this short Utterance, nebiut and bonet. nebiut is the paranormal faint Inner Star light which gleams like gold at the center of the visual field in total darkness. bonet is 'the control footing (for visual attention) of that light' or 'tunnel' (seemingly 6 inches before the brow) of the god-Star into the god's full consciousness.

534a. djed medu nebiut meritet heru kemet hat iret bonet ro

Said is the solitary Word sah, O beloved golden light of Second Sight which completes the front (2 palm-widths along the apparent line of Sight), which is on the way to the tunnel of the god-Star,

534b. i etj ir pet iu teti ir pet

so that you (O golden light) will be on the way to the (Nirvanic) Blue Void, so that an Atlantean will be on the way to the Blue Void.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey