UTTERANCE 322 (so that the double-door of the Wisdom-Eye will open)

518a. djed medu un pet un ta

Whenever said is the (Atlantean) Word (sah), so that Levitation-Practice will open, so that the earth will open,

518b. un oaui sat en heru zen oaui shabut en setesh

so that the double-door of the Wisdom-Eye will open for Second-Sight, so that the double-door of Eye-experiences will open for Illusion,

518c. peno ek en ef em khenet ineb ef sua en teti her etjen em tem

so that you (O double-door) will turn-inward for him (Illusion) within his wall, it will happen because an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha has passed through you (O double-door) as the Universal-Star,

518d. teti pu khoi tau her ib nega

for such an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha is one whose heat shines-forth through the Midst of breached-hill-country.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey