UTTERANCE 302 (A Breathtaking Antiquity for the Pyramids!)

This astronomically datable text is cut into the north stone wall of the Central Chamber in the pyramid of Un-is. By an unprecedented coincidence, our Big Dipper or Ursa-Major-Star Polaris is the same as the Adze-Star which is described in this ancient text. But you have to go back in time one precessional cycle or multiples thereof in order to see the same northern sky as we see today. This mesekhetiu Adze is the same one which is also used to open the polestar-mouth in the famous "Book of Opening the Mouth," parts of which also occur in the Pyramid Texts. mesekhetiu means 'that Star which gives birth to something.' Our two pointer stars in the Big Dipper are the blade of the ancient Adze, which again points to our north star Polaris.The pesedjeti in this text is a reference to the Left and Right Serpent Powers in the spine, the bilateral-Microcosm. ikhem sek is 'that Star which knows not sweeping (around)' or the '(idealized astronomical) Polestar' which is also the 'Inner Polestar' before the brow throughout the Pyramid Texts. All of the Kings of Egypt wore the 'Calculus crowns' from the Eye of Horus or Udjat Eye Advanced Mathematics of a Lost (Atlantean) Civilization, and so the Egyptian Kings all thought of themselves as Atlanteans in these texts. The Advanced Mathematics of the Ancient Egyptian crowns had to be rediscovered by us only in the last three centuries. The Science of Egyptology still remains blissfully ignorant of these 'Calculus' crowns and rests upon a thoroughly unreliable Old Kingdom chronology.

458a. {djed medu} sebesh pet onekh sepedet en unis is onekh za sepedet

{Whenever said is the solitary Word sah}, so that the Blue Void will cause-a-gleaming, so that the Sirius-like-Eye will live-visibly (for an Atlantean is a living one, a son of the Sirius-like-Eye),

458b. uob en en ef pesedjeti

it will be because the bilateral-Microcosm (in his spine) has originated-Soul-control for him

458c. em mesekhetiu ikhem sek

in the analogous Adze-Star, the Inner Polestar (Polaris in at least 24,000 B.C. just as it is again astronomically in our sky today 26,000 or even 52,000 or 78,000 years later than the time, when the Giza and Saqqara pyramids were actually built),

458d. ne sek per unis er pet ne hetem neset unis er ta

so that the abode of an Atlantean toward the Blue Void will not sweep, so that the seat of an Atlantean toward the earth will not be destroyed.

459a. dekh er esen remetj paii er esen netjeru

 And even though men and women may hide or drink themselves drunk, so that the gods will levitate to themselves,

459b. sepa en sepedet unis er pet em ob senu ef netjeru

in sharp contrast the Sirius-like-Star has caused an Atlantean to levitate to the Blue Void in the company of his brothers the gods,

459c. kef en nut uret remenui es en unis

in sharp contrast the Nirvanic Blue Void gigantic has discarnated its two shoulders for an Atlantean,

460a. qefen en senesen baui khenetu bau iunu cher tep ro

and in sharp contrast the Two Souls which preside over the Souls of the (spinal) Column-center carrying the beginning of the god-Star have clasped themselves together,

460b. sedjer iri esen nen en remut netjer

in a concentrated one-pointed state, so that they will achieve such, also because of beweeping the god.

460c. neset unis kher ek ro ne redi ef se en kii neb

The seat of an Atlantean is near you, O god-Star, so that he will not set it in place for any other,

461a. perii er ef unis er pet  kher ek ro

so that an Atlantean will levitate as to himself toward the Blue Void near you, O god-Star,

461b. her en unis em biku

so that the Sight of an Atlantean will be as the falcons,

461c. djenehu unis em apedu

so that the wings of an Atlantean will be as the swans,

461d. onut ef em ukhau dju fe

so that his claws will be as the fangs of the Viper-mountain-god.

462a. ne medu en unis er ta kher remetj

Whenever no thought of an Atlantean is toward the earth near men and women,

462b. ne khebenet ef er pet kher netjeru

so that no distorted-thought of his will be toward the Blue Void near the gods,

462c. der en unis medu ef sek en unis ir ior en pet

it will be because an Atlantean has removed his thought which an Atlantean has swept in order to ascend for the Blue Void,

463a. sepa en up uaut unis er pet mem senu ef netjeru

it will be because the power which opens the paths has caused an Atlantean to levitate to the Blue Void among his brothers the gods,

463b. itj en unis ou em semen

it will be because an Atlantean has seized control as an established-goose,

463c. hui en unis djeneh em djeret

and it will be because an Atlantean has struck the wing as a visual-concentration-kite,

463d. pa pa remetj pa unis ri em o etjen

so that the levitator will levitate, O men and women, so that an Atlantean will levitate away from you all.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey