This Eucharistic text is sculpted in the east wall of Teti's Ark Chamber over the Star-gate. The ancient Star-name sah is mouth-breathed, so that the god-Star will become faintly noticeable 6 inches before the brow as a sharp virtual image for continuous attention, in order to stop "falling short of the glory of God" and Telekinesis. The Eye is the god-Star,and so is the Ring-of-the Soul. After enough minutes of such daily Communion, large scale Telekinesis spontaneously begins "in the Eye near the god for ever and ever."

UTTERANCE 172 (beatified in the Eye near the god for ever and ever)

101a. djed medu zep fedu uden khet en teti

Said is the Word (sah) of the fourth (Atlantean) time, so that the Eye-experience of an (immortal, Telekinesis) King will be installed.

101b. djed medu hetepet di nesu geb en teti pen

Said is the Word (sah) of the pleasing-Eye which the (mortal) King and the Ring-of-the-Soul move (or activate) for such an (immortal, Telekinesis) King,

101c. di en ek heneket nebet uahet nebet merit ek

it will happen because you (the mortal King) have moved (or activated) every presented-Eye or every laid-down-Eye which you could wish-for,

101d. neferet en ek im kher netjer en djet djet

it will happen because you have been beatified therein (the Eye) near the god for ever and ever.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey