Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The following paragraph is relevant to questions 1-13:

The Pyramid Texts of Saqqara reveal themselves, astronomically, (see the end
to part 3 of "The Great Pyramid Texts") in Utterance 302 to be at least
26,000 or even 52,000 years old. Such an age is not in agreement with the
purely educated guesses and popular theories of Egyptology scholars today.

1. When were the pyramids really built?   Some, therefore, at least 26,000
or even 52,000 years ago.

2. Who built the pyramids?   The predynastic 'Followers of Second Sight'.

3.How were the pyramids built?   With the enormous force of Levitation
possessed by the Eye of Second Sight.

4. What was the Great Pyramid used for?   Used as a place of complete
darkness, where the 'Solitary Word' of 'terrible power' was said before the
Pyramid Texts were recited, in the training of new 'Followers of Second
Sight'. Papyrus scrolls of the Pyramid Texts were probably stored in its
Subterranean Chamber as a kind of 'Hall of Records' annex.

5. What is the relation between the pyramids and the stars?   The Egyptian
word for 'pyramid' is MER or EM RE which has the basic meaning in general of
'what is in the Star Opening (of visual consciousness in each person, not
astronomy!)'. It was, therefore, possibly the original title for 'The
Pyramid Texts' themselves. The sun and stars were revered, not worshipped in
the Pyramid Texts, because they were the Hieroglyphic metaphors for the all
powerful consciousness Stars, 6 inches before the brow. In the special case
of the Great Pyramid on the ground, it also corresponds with Al Nitak the
brightest star
in Orion's belt.

6.Does this mean that those who built the pyramids worshipped the stars
(sun, moon, etc.)?   No!

7. What does the "EYE" mean exactly?   There is a single point in the exact
center of every person's visual consciousness which gleams like a faint
Star, intermittently, about 6 inches before the brow even in total darkness.
We know from modern brain research, that any such consciousness is coming
from the electrical activity of some corresponding point somewhere in the
physical brain. The Pyramid Texts describe a non-physical island or Soul of
immortal consciousness which is initially attached to the physical gleaming
Star in the brain. This completely non-physical island of consciousness is
the Eye of Second Sight.

8. What is the relation between the Eye and the pyramid?   The pyramid is a
physical Ensouling Star Door which is attached to the non-physical Eye of
Second Sight.

9. Why is it called the Eye of Second Sight and what is the 'first Sight'?
When our 'first' two-eyed mortal Sight enters or identifies with the one Eye
of Second Sight, we can then see from a new single Eye-point of awareness
which is levitated in space and is another or Second Sight beyond the
limitations of our face and brain.

10. What are the relations between the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids?   I have
no idea.

11. What is the exact meaning of the Mahatmic Eye?   Mahatmic means
'Spiritually Great'. The 'Mahatmic Eye' is the 'Eye of Second Sight'.

12. Who is Mahatmic?   Anyone who is well enough trained to be able to enter
the Eye whenever they wish.

13. What is the purpose of HEKAU or Magic in the pyramids?   HEKAU  is the
natural wish-granting property of any Eye after it is entered. HEKAU needs
no purpose. It just exists in a world of desperate need.

Answers To Questions (Answer is definitive enough to not need the actual question):

1. The Followers of Second Sight are a small number of humans around the
world, even today, who rejoice in entering and acting in their Eye.

2. Predynastic Followers of the Eye are those who happened to live on earth
before the historical first dynasty of Egypt.

3. Human beings have been living in Egypt for at least 45,000 years, not
4,000 years, according to actual Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic records,
which are now being arbitrarily dismissed by the Science of Egyptology.
There is something drastically wrong with such modern guesses about the
chronology of the first six dynasties of Egyptian history. The pyramids and
Hieroglyphic writing are together in the Pyramid Texts. They share the same
antiquity. A similar basic knowledge can also be found in Kashmir Shaivism
of Northern India today, but not in Hieroglyphic writing.

4. Pyramid Text Levitation is hovering and flying in and by the Eye, without
wings or any kind of machine.

5. Interestingly enough, the original Pyramid Texts are not found in papyrus
scrolls, but are only cut in stone walls. Papyrus scrolls can be made
without machines anyway. There are no machines other than the Eye in the
Pyramid Texts, which after all had more power than a Nuclear Bomb.

6. Sadly, the Followers of Second Sight have always been few in number
throughout the last 52,000 years.

7. Information about our ancient ancestors is immediately seen in the Eye of
Second Sight, when Pyramid Text training methods are followed. There was,
therefore, no point in discussing such things descriptively. There is no
theory of evolution in the Pyramid Texts, only the impact on life of the Eye
of Second Sight.

8. There is no information about pyramids on Mars in the Pyramid Texts. The
truth would, however, always be available in the Eye.

9. According to the Pyramid Texts, the Followers of Second Sight will be
with us on earth for ever. They prefer to contact humanity entirely through
the Eye of Second Sight and do not publicize where there live today.

10. SHEMESU HERU is Ancient Egyptian. SHEMESU means 'Followers' and HERU
means 'of Second Sight' or the Greek 'Horus'.

11. The last King of the 5th Dynasty and all of the 6th Dynasty Kings of
Ancient Egypt were practicing Followers of Second Sight. They caused the
Pyramid Texts to be written inside of their pyramids in Saqqara, Egypt.

12. The Eye is a deathless island of eternal awareness which can be opened up
in front of us all.

13. There will always be some Followers of the Eye who are purer than others.

14. Levitation to Mars is easy for any Follower who wishes to travel there in
the Eye, but there would be no point in levitating there physically even
though that is not ruled out in the Pyramid Texts.

15. The Pyramid Texts clearly say that the 'terrible power' of the Eye is the
same as the 'power' which burns in the Stars. We know today that this is
Nuclear power. The Atlanteans were said to have used this power of the Eye
in warfare, like Moses is reputed to have done in his Eye with the Ark of
the Covenant.

16. The number of the ShemsuHor who are living on earth today and where they
are located is unknown. They can only be found and joined nowadays through
the Eye of Second Sight.

17. The Pyramid Texts expect its Followers to learn about the primeval times
of human beings on earth directly from experiences in the Eye, which is
better than scientific proof anyway.

18. The Pyramid Texts are the training instructions for all new Followers of
Second Sight.

19. The Truth in the Eye can be accessed by studying the training methods in
the Pyramid Texts, which are selected for this website. This is its purpose.

20. The most reliable source of any truth about UFOs is again only going to
be found in the Eye of Second Sight. Nothing else can really be trusted

21. Regarding background, my book "The Short Path", which is advertised with a
'bio' in my website, is entirely autobiographical in nature. In addition, you can
click in my main page on the '6 parts' of "The Great Pyramid Texts" and my
"Utterance commentaries" for a wealth of information on where I am coming
from. I am exactly what I am writing about. I knew, and studied for a short time
under, the Egyptologist Dr. Klaus Baer, when he was teaching Egyptian
Hieroglyphics in the 1960s at the University of California (Berkeley). I was pretty
busy at the time teaching Chemistry and Physics at Berkeley High School. He was
an inspiring teacher.

22. In an earlier e-mail, you referred to the problem of a meaning for 'the
concluding punch' line 1659b at the very end of Utterance 600. Such final
summations were very important to the ancient Egyptian authors, and they
usually mean exactly what they say. I've thought about this a lot and I
don't think, that in this case, it is safe to assume otherwise. The verb
SEHEDJ is the causative verb SE-HEDJ, whose most literal meaning is 'make
white' or 'whiten' and not even more loosely Faulkner's 'make bright'. The
direct object HER in these spiritual texts always means the 'Sight'
experience of the two eyes and not Faulkner's purely physiological 'face' as
even he himself acknowledges in some other passages. The object of the
preposition EM or 'in' can be read as OHU HEDJ which means 'Castles of
Whiteness' or Faulkner's hopelessly concrete 'Castles of the Mace'. The word
HEDJ appears twice in this final clause and should certainly retain its
'white' meaning. In short, 'Castles of Whiteness' looks like a strikingly
beautiful metaphor for the 'Towering White Cumulus Clouds' of the 'White
Void' in the 'Nirvanic Blue Void' which is described extensively in "The
Short Path".

23. You would like to know more about the Hieroglyphic writings which talk about
Atlantis in the Egyptian pyramids. Well, contrary to the prevailing
scholarly opinion in the world today, the inside western stone walls of five
5th and 6th Dynasty pyramids of Saqqara are covered with such texts. And
Atlantis is obviously much more than a myth in the minds of the Ancient
Egyptians. The original Ancient Egyptian consonantal name of 'ndit' for
Atlantis is first introduced in article 5 of "The Great Pyramid Texts" in my
web site. 'ndit' appears to have been metathesized by the Egyptian priests
into 'itnd' or 'itlend' before telling it to the Greek Solon. As I explained
in article 5, some Utterances belonged (by repetition in several pyramids)
exclusively to certain walls in the Saqqara pyramids and consequently in the
Great Pyramid. In this way, Utterances 422 and 442 belonged specially to the
west wall of the King's Chamber. And similarly, Utterances 468 and 482
belonged specially to the west wall of the so-called Queen's Chamber. The
name of Nedit or Atlantis is not found in any other such highly specialized
location. It is clear that the west walls, in the direction of Plato's
Atlantis from Saqqara and Giza, were being used especially for the Atlantic
or Atlantean Texts. A few Atlantean lines from the above four Utterances are
translated toward the end of article 5.

24. I think the only way to learn more about the Hall of Records is to study in
my web site the "Im Duat" reference in Utterance 341 and the information in
article 5 of "The Great Pyramid Texts". The Hall of Records is also said to
contain information about Atlantis which, according to Answer 23 in my
'Frequently asked Questions' section, covers much of the west walls inside
the Saqqara pyramids. And so the Pyramid Texts must already be an important
part of the Hall of Records.

There is no University course which can really help except the study of the
Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, but see Robert Bauval's book "Secret Chamber.
The quest for the Hall of Records".

25. You "wonder what the solitary word is". But this word of 'terrible' power is
only helpful to those who know the special Pyramid Text way to use it, which
is fundamentally different from any known practice in the world today.
Otherwise it is actually harmful to such practices. Ramesses VI evidently
understood this difficulty, and cleverly reveals the solitary Word in the
midst of a complete explanation of how to use it, in front of the 'Great
Sphinx' at the end of the Utterance 341 web site page. According to the
Pyramid Texts, this strange Word comes from the consciousness of the
'Nirvanic' Blue Void, and it would be a grave mistake for anyone to dismiss
its extraordinary powers. All you have to do, in order to understand it, is
to recognize in practice that ZAUT for 'guarding' has here the special
meaning of 'achieving an extension of' in both time and space.

26. I think that the oldest and certainly the least corrupted meditation
information, anywhere available in the world today, is in the Pyramid Text
selections of this website. More and more such selections and answers will
appear here in the course of time.

As to whether this technique has any physically benificial side effects; yes
it does because an essential part of the Pyramid Text method is to sleep
enough and to meditate enough in total darkness, so that anything then
becomes possible through the resulting paranormal consciousness of Second

27. Is there any reference to a 'Hall of Records' type of hidden away knowledge
in the Egyptian texts? Most assuredly yes! The entire 18th Dynasty book "Im
Duat" was copied from ZESHU or 'written records' of REKHU or 'knowledge' on
the carefully specified west, south, north and east walls of an underground
OT IMENET or 'hidden chamber'. This chamber is also referred to as a NUT or
'secret underground chamber'. We are, for example, specifically told in this
twelve division "Im Duat" book that divisions 5 & 6 were copied from its
south wall, divisions 7 & 8 from its north wall and divisions 9, 10, 11 & 12
from its east wall. And when, in addition, a pictorial map of the Giza area
is supplied which clearly shows this 'chamber of writings' as due south of
the Great Pyramid and due west of the Great Sphinx, there can be no
reasonable doubt about the actual location of a 'Hall of Records', in the
minds of the ancient Egyptians at least! There is also some less obvious but
still overwhelming evidence for the same in the Pyramid Texts, although the
above is surely enough for now.

28. Is there a "good" translation of "Im Duat" available? No, but a useful "bad"
translation is in Alexandre Piankoff's "The Tomb of Ramesses VI". See my
Utterance 341 page for a sample. And how does one get the meaning of HR? In
this case, 'sight or vision' is the standard figurative dictionary meaning
for the Hieroglyphic noun HR.

29. You ask, "Does the 'Eye' refer to the sixth chakra?" The original and still
secret chakra doctrine of India and Tibet can be shown to be identical to
that of Ancient Egypt (see part 6 of "The Great Pyramid Texts"), but it now
lies partially concealed beneath later Hindu corruptions or blinds.
Fortunately, this currently secret teaching of India and Tibet is finally
being revealed to the world in the Pyramid Texts of Saqqara. The abstract
chakras of Ancient Egypt are precisely the six consciousness fractions (1/2,
1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64) of the whole Eye of Second Sight, when
functioning together. The  (1/2 ) 'brow' chakra separately is experienced
visually as a Star or limited Second Sight before the face. The (1/4)
'throat' chakra sporatically is experienced separately as a high-pitched
sound between the ears in the head. The (1/8) 'heart' chakra separately is
felt as the gravitational midst of one's body. And so on down the length of
the spinal column. But the whole Eye of Second Sight is a union of all the
chakras seeing and levitating freely in space no longer limited to the
physical body.

30. As to 'The Red mystery of mysteries' of Utterance 570, line 1460a speaks of
'one who tends the Redness, which levitates'; and line 1464a speaks of 'the
Bright Red which levitates in through the left eye, and the Reddening which
levitates in through the right eye'. Although several words for 'Red' are
used, the fundamental word is DESHER or DE SHER which has a meditation pun
'meaning' of 'cause to be small' or 'concentrate' on the small area of the
god-Star'. Line1459a also speaks of 'one who seizes the White Crown, a
Master of the (1/32) spiral of the Green Crown'. Green is the complementary
color of Red which the Ancient Egyptians evidently understood, but actual
color has very little to do with these lines. Redness, Bright Red and
Reddening refer instead to the intense Star-pointed concentration which is
needed to awaken Second Sight and Levitation. Egyptologists are instead
obsessed with some relationship to 'Blood'. The White Crown is the three
higher chakras of (1/2), (1/4) and (1/8) as fractions of the whole Eye of
Second Sight and also as complex 'lotus' powers of unity (see part 6 of "The
Great Pyramid Texts"). And the Red/Green Crown is similarly the three lower
chakras of (1/16), (1/32) and (1/64) in the Ancient Egyptian system,
corresponding apparently to the 'navel', 'sex' and 'root' chakras of India.
But see also answer 29.

31. As for attaining Telekinesis, it goes together with Levitation. Second Sight
comes first, before Telekinesis in the Eye becomes possible.

32.(9/12/01) The pyramids of Saqqara (those which contain the Pyramid Texts) were built for five Kings: Un-is, Teti, Pepi I, Merenr'a, Pepi II and their Queens. We can be certain of this much, because their royal names are repeatedly sculpted in stone, inside of them. Egyptologists theorize that these pyramids were built between 2356 BC and 2152 BC, but they may in fact be very much older than any such educational guess!

33.(9/30/01) You ask about the Great Pyramid 'architectural' Hieroglyphs for SEBA and RUT and a resource or way to find them for yourself. The full writing of an Ancient Egyptian word is first spelled out alphabetically and is then followed by a single 'Determinative' Hieroglyph which was often used by the Ancient Egyptians as an 'abbreviation' for the entire word. It is this 'Determinative' form of a word which, of necessity, was generally used for their 'architectual' Hieroglyphs. The 'Grand Gallery' word SEBA of the Great Pyramid is sculpted in the stone Entrance Passage of Pepi I's pyramid on the plateau of Saqqara. This 'Ensouling Star Door' Hieroglyph is also reproduced in Pyramid Text line 1586a of Kurt Sethe's "Die altaegyptischen Pyramidentexte" (Volume II page 343). The Corbel Steps of the 'Grand Gallery' Door are clearly evident. Many more examples of SEBA may be seen in the Saqqara Pyramid Text lines 1252cdef and 799a. Still more examples of the 'east wall shrine' Gate word RUT of the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid may be seen similarly in the Saqqara Pyramid Text lines 603a, 1014a and 1638a. Again the corbelling is evident. This by no means exhausts all the many cases of 'architectural' Hieroglyphs in Ancient Egypt!

34.(10/4/01) OSIRIS is the much later Greek way of spelling the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Text combination of two words US and IR or simply, US-IR. US means 'Activity of' and IR means 'the Eye' (of HORUS or 'deathless Second Sight').

35.(10/20/01) You ask if I have any suggestions for finding something substantial about Egyptian curses and evidence (if any) of them actually being effective. The nearest thing to a curse in the Pyramid Texts is a warning in the pyramid of Pepi I about the dire consequences of anyone even placing his finger against that pyramid! He will not be able to open his spiritual Eye of Second Sight for the rest of his life and a nightmarish afterlife. From an Ancient Egyptian point of view, such a 'curse' would have to be the common experience of nearly everyone in the world today, because the required knowledge about opening that Eye has been buried for over 4,000 years in five pyramids on the plateau of Saqqara in Egypt. Here is the 'curse' in line 1278 of Utterance 534, "As for anyone who even places his finger against this pyramid and this temple which belongs to Pepi I and belongs to his consciousness, it is because he has placed his finger against the temple of Second Sight in the Central Channel (of the spine), that the right and left eye powers will wander for him everywhere, whenever he [searches for] the Seat of the Soul."

36.(11/21/01) You ask if it is possible for just anyone to achieve this state of consciousness and if the induction method is possibly even older than Ancient Egypt. This ETERNAL induction method is available to anyone who will follow exactly the directions which have only survived today in the PYRAMID TEXTS of Ancient Egypt. There is no power on earth which can prevent the Levitating Second Sight which accompanies such 'Ensouling Star' concentration. The levitating force automatically acts upon the Center of Gravity in the body near the heart, but 'thinking about this' instead of just 'feeling it as it happens' will only destroy the required further concentration of purely 'visual attention' before the brow.

37.(11/21/01) You ask if I am an Egyptologist and if so what makes me believe in Atlantis or the Third Eye, which is commonly rejected by traditional archeologists. You also ask if I can provide you with some texts and translations about ZEP TEPI, the Beginning Time, and Plato's account about a conflict between ATHENS and ATLANTIS. My formal education is mostly as a Physics and Chemistry teacher plus over 40 years of studying exactly how to accurately translate the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs of the PYRAMID TEXTS. Anyone who patiently tries the visual concentration technique which is fully described only in the PYRAMID TEXTS will soon discover that it is no longer possible for them to disbelieve in what they will begin to see with their own two eyes, in another Eye! I can't say it any plainer than this. The singular expression ZEP TEPI has no place in the PYRAMID TEXTS apparently because there is more than one cyclical Beginning Time involving the 26,000 year precessional cycle as well as other primeval time periods going all the way back to the Beginning Time of our world. Modern authors such as Robert Bauval in "The Message of the Sphinx" theorize only about a ZEP TEPI for the constellation of Orion in 10,500 BC. But the only such ZEP TEPI or Beginning Time date in the Pyramid Texts (Utterance 302) involves the polestar Polaris in 24,000 BC, as I explain at the end of Part 3 of "The Great Pyramid Texts" article in this website. And there is also no reference to a conflict between ATHENS and ATLANTIS in the PYRAMID TEXTS. Good luck in your struggle with the archeological Forum. You are certainly going to need it! Egyptologists are never going to succeed in translating the deeply spiritual PYRAMID TEXTS, as long as they insist on rewriting everything with concretely slanted inconsistent meanings of all of its prepositions, verbs and nouns, even when they actually know better.

38.(1/9/02) The Problem of Evil.  I find your e-mail about the Problem of Evil 'thought provoking'. Truth in our world is certainly laced with Illusion and Evil, as my book "The Short Path" ultimately explains. But the Ancient Egyptian EYE is alive and well beyond the reach of Illusion and Evil. For this very reason, Evil must do everything in its power to prevent OSIRIS or ACTIVITY OF THE EYE from entering into our brains using fear and atrocities. There is no reason for all this other than a kind of thought momentum out of beginningless time. And so Lucifer 'watching over' or the Tibetan Shinje 'clutching' our Wheel of Life is also alive and well! The only sensible thing for us to do is to opt for the EYE, which is "The Short Path" of the Pyramid Texts. I am delighted that as a result of my translation efforts you say, "I now have respect for a succession of Rulers I once saw as thoughtless slave-drivers; fools petrified by the concept of death." This last is one of the most colossal blunders in the history of human thought, one-sidedly foisted upon mankind by the Egyptologists. In the Pyramid Texts, they slant everything in a mythical and grossly anthropomorphic direction, away from any intended metaphorical meaning. Spiritual Atrophy of the ACTIVITY OF THE EYE, which must be prevented and overcome, is only interpreted and translated by Egyptologists as physical decay and putrescence of a rotting corpse of the murdered OSIRIS. They have guessed or even corrupted unknown meanings of important words in such a way as to fit only this ghastly picture. Newly posted Utterances 539, 575 and 577 in contain much high-minded background information of the Ancient Egyptians, related to the Problem of Evil.

39.(1/23/02) Solitary Word. With regard to the 'solitary Word' in these texts, you ask, "does this refer to 'speaking the word,' as in giving the command for anything to happen, or to be done? As in 'Just say the word' ?? ------- when the truth may be that you just have to say what you want done, and it happens." As explained in the introduction and text (especially lines 1561a and 1561b) to Utterance 582, the 'solitary Word' is the singular access Word SAH. As archaically explained in Utterance 230 there are Two Levels of Second Sight and the 'solitary Word' with 'SAH thought' is just required in order to gain access to the First Level where Second Sight is being viewed from the still fully conscious physical body. The First Level starts out as a faint Star-like gleaming seemingly 6 inches before the brow which opens up to a full scale undistorted 3D color image of actual scenes in other localities and times on earth, where spoken wishes have no effect. But oddly enough the more brightly illuminated Second Level is indeed a wish-granting one where undistorted Second Sight is viewed out to any distance from the levitating limbless Eye itself in full scale 3D color, where "you just have to say what you want done, and it happens" quite effortlessly just because you wish it while in the all-powerful Eye. Stereo and focusing limitations do not seem to apply to either Level, but lack of sufficient power and calm can interfere with the attainment of the First Level. Unlike the Rapid Eye Movement states of Waking and Dream, both Levels of Second Sight are perfectly non-REM states of consciousness. No scenery can ever be explored by 'Eye Movement', but only by an effort of will to cause the Eye of Second Sight to move for you. The management of the Two Levels of Second Sight is also explained in Utterance 582.

40.(1/28/02) Opening the Eye. With regard to other ways to open the Eye of Horus (Second Sight), no one opens the Eye without opening the Ensouling Star Door (SEBA also written architecturally as the enormous Grand Gallery Hieroglyph in the Great Pyramid of Giza). No one opens the Eye without following the Hieroglyphic instructions written (in the book IM DUAT) between the paws of the Great Sphinx (AKER) of Giza. These instructions explain (within the Utterance 341 page) that the solitary Word (SAH) must be inhaled (as in the mouth breathing of Utterances 37 & 38) while guarding (the maintenance of full attention on) one's Star image (before the brow).

41.(2/19/02) The Scroll of Thoth. You ask "about the validity of texts attributed to Thoth" and "how much people actually know about the Egyptian connection?" A Hieroglyphic link actually does exist, but not with Tarot, Alchemy or even the Emerald Tablet of Hermes thrice great. Of all places, it turned up as the basis of the 1932 Universal horror film, "The Mummy". The Scroll of Thoth or MEDJAT NET DJEHUTI is in fact the Ancient Egyptian Title for today's Pyramid Texts. It is "The Scroll of Thoth itself which contains the great spell, by which Isis raised Osiris from the dead." Mythologically speaking, this is all quite correct. But the meaning of this myth still remains unknown to Egyptology, because it unavoidably involves the Eye of Second Sight and Plato's Atlantis.

42.(3/11/02) The Faint Inner Star. You write, "The space is not outer - the star is inwardly manifest - the word visceral and the transformation full and actual. Quel mystere!" I was thrilled to see that there is someone out there who actually understands this! But it is important to recognize that the god-Star is as a rule extremely faint.'visceral' is certainly a very clever way to refer to the fact that 'saying the solitary Word' involves breathing through the mouth with jaws comfortably divided in such a way, that as the air is inhaled between the tongue and hard palate, the Word SAH is audibly pronounced. I have expressed in my writings to both Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval that "The space is not outer - the star is inwardly manifest - ", but I have been politely ignored in much the same way the Egyptologists have consistently ignored them. They simply do not understand that the Ancient Egyptians thought of the stars as metaphorical megaglyphs (like the Great Sphinx and pyramids as well) for spiritual concepts in such writings as the Pyramid Texts! You ask if I can refer you to some more translations like mine. Unfortunately, I am currently the only translator in the world who actually believes that the Ancient Egyptians wrote about spiritual things with EXTRAORDINARY PRECISION in the Pyramid Texts and should not have THEIR WORDS constantly REWRITTEN by hopelessly inconsistent Egyptologists.

43.(3/24/02) Guarding the Inner Star. Sadly, there is no evidence of any daily opening of the Eye of Horus by anyone anywhere in the world today. The technique in the Pyramid Texts for actually achieving and verifying this desirable result is unique and still belongs to Ancient Egypt alone! It has now been lost to the world's understanding for thousands of years. Impure fashionable corruptions of this originally pure technique are all that is available today. They may sometimes lead to two-eyed REM visions, but only at the price of deliberately excluding all possible single-Eyed non-REM visions and flights. No one opens the god's-Eye by deliberately rhythmic breathing, inhaling the word and even aligning the spine. Such concentration in total darkness leads to feelings of suffocation and serious lack of CALM. No one opens the god's-Eye by INCOMPATIBLY synchronizing all of this with the heartbeat, inhaling the word for four beats, holding the word for two, exhaling it for four beats and holding it empty for two. Such concentration only gets the heart and lower centers in the body of ILLUSION all stirred up nervously, when the Eye or the god-Star WILL NOT USUALLY RESPOND TO anything less than ALL of our CALM VISUAL ATTENTION at the exact center of the visual field IN FRONT OF the brow for at least an hour. No one opens the Eye of Second Sight by VISUALIZING ANYTHING at the base of the spine, drawing it up through the chakras (ILLUSION) and asking each to heal and align the next one. Most of the meditators in the world today who have already been trained in such methods may prefer not to practice the Ancient Egyptian technique from the SCROLL OF THOTH, because the stern GUARDIAN DEITIES of the whole Eye or Crown-chakra do not respond to any such entreaties, but only to PURITY OF WILL. There is also an important misunderstanding here about SAYING THE SOLITARY WORD SAH. This is not the same thing as merely INHALING THE WORD. SAYING THE SOLITARY WORD SAH means, according to the instruction (in the Utterance 341 page) between the paws of the GREAT SPHINX at Giza: INHALING THE WORD, WHILE VISUALLY CONCENTRATING ON ONE'S GUIDING-STAR (also portrayed on the brow of the GREAT SPHINX). But also in the Pyramid Texts, 'beweeping the god' can be an important intensification experience, whenever the 'lost' god-Star is 'found' in meditation, even before the Eye opens. The three Giza pyramids correlation with the three stars in the belt of Orion is the theory of Robert Bauval in his book, "The Orion Mystery". But unwanted 'dizziness' confirming this is not likely in a levitating Eye, because Second Sight requires us to be the pilot-in-command of the levitation. The single-Eye can only see TRUTH, but two-eyed Sight is always tainted with ILLUSION. The Eye expects us to appreciate its TRUTH by never failing to verify its non-REM nature in the first few seconds of unexpected vision, according to the method in the Utterance 80 page.

44.(3/30/02) The Lost Technique. With regard to this Scroll of Thoth for opening the Eye of Horus (dubbed the Pyramid Texts by Egyptologists), it has only recently been discovered in 1881 inside of five ancient pyramids over four thousand years old. Prior to 1881 for thousands of years, no one on earth knew that such writings even existed beneath the sands of Egypt in Saqqara. And yes, parts of the Lost Technique are capitalized in Answer 43. You ask, "and what exactly is 'beweeping the god'?" It is a completely unexpected part of the Lost Technique which really must be experienced before attempting to explain exactly what it is, in a future Utterance translation. You ask if, "some element required for the opening is gone from the earth?" YES, the 'required element' of the 'ESSENTIAL MEDITATIVE OBJECT' is still lost to the world's thinking beneath the sands of Egypt! It is very difficult to find.You ask if, "the technique is not given?" Much of it is given in "The Short Path", but without the ROUTE of  patiently SEARCHING FOR and FINDING the CORRECT MEDITATIVE OBJECT at least intermittently for an hour, no success is possible. You ask, "Have we lost the ability, or are we cursed?" No, but through lack of regularly seeing with the Eye, our ability to see with it atrophies without the help of the Lost Technique Therapy. And as in Physical Therapy, success in the Lost Technique Therapy does NOT depend upon FAITH, but is fortunately painless. Again, PURITY OF WILL is just EXCLUSIVELY CONCENTRATING ON THE CORRECT MEDITATIVE OBJECT. The MEDITATIVE OBJECT is everything!

45.(4/21/02) Misleading ILLUSION. The Lost Technique is a nostalgically fulfilling REUNION with an incredibly ancient and miraculous friend, so that compared to such a faint Inner Star Eye, all else is misleading ILLUSION of the CHATTERING Brain and senses which must be slain or tranced, before the Eye can open INVOLUNTARILY after Star-therapy. Whenever the Eye actually opens, the Star will disappear. Observed lights, colors, formless swirls and MEDIUMISTIC CONTROL beings 'you can CHAT with' are ILLUSIONS which must not be allowed to lead one astray from the SAH-Star of the INVOLUNTARY EYE. The velvety blackness of the tranced Brain is only experienced immediately after the fully opened Eye closes.

46.(4/30/02) Inhaling in through the Inner Star. Shortness of breath is not possible in the Lost Technique for opening the Eye of Second Sight. Correctly 'saying the Word SAH' actually includes a simultaneous DEPENDING upon the faint Inner Star for all breathing requirements, which is miraculously possible only, when all inner visual attention is successfully focused on that Star or at least its intermittent location. Such levitating meditation involuntarily slows down the rate of breathing through the mouth, even sometimes to a temporary halt before quietly resuming again. The Utterance 341 page contains a translation of the ancient instructions written between the paws of two Great Sphinxes illustrated in a 3,400 year old Spiritual Text "Im Duat". The right-hand eastern Sphinx is the present day Great Sphinx. But the ruins of the illustrated left-hand western Sphinx are now buried under the southern side of the second pyramid of Giza. The Hieroglyphs between its paws read in part, "HE (the meditator) INHALES IN THROUGH THE WORD (SAH)," but SAH is a name of the Inner Star or "HE INHALES IN THROUGH THE INNER STAR". Shortness of breath is miraculously impossible!

47.(5/4/02) The Great Sphinx Therapy. You cannot say even softly the (Central Serpent Power arousal) Word SAH with an 'inverted tongue'. The 'inverted tongue' technique can possibly be used separately to hold the Central Serpent Power near the faint Inner Star before or after the Great Sphinx Therapy for the atrophied Eye of Second Sight. If you execute the Lost Technique correctly and remain calm enough, the many stern and silent Dwellers on the Threshold of the Eye (as one at a time they examine you for purity) will be among your first Threshold Visions toward the end of every meditation hour for many months to come. After about a month of such daily Therapy, your Eye can start opening fully only from the Dream State about once a month. Several years of this Therapy will usually be required before the atrophied Eye can be fully opened directly from the Waking State, and even then, only when conditions are just right.

48.(6/16/02) Exhaling in the Great Sphinx Therapy. Utterance 239 means that (correctly) saying the solitary Word SAH without simultaneously recognizing the Inner Star DOES NOT LEVITATE and is a waste of breath. But (correctly) saying the Word SAH once has two parts, inhaling and exhaling, while steadily staring at the internal Orion Star. (Correctly) saying the Word SAH is SOFTLY inhaling SAH in through the Star and EFFORTLESSLY leaking the death exhalation to cessation with the H, levitating more and more in the Star, until the next spontaneous inhalation. The rate of breathing automatically decreases to a very comfortable minimum. The non-dual White Crown is the Central Serpent Power and the non-dual tongue has a pun meaning of 'bringer of the Eye'. The tongue of the White Crown is in the straight SAH pronouncing position and is NOT inverted or turned-back. Your description of the Threshold Visions and closing nostrils is quite accurate and NOT what anyone would ever be able to guess ahead of time. You are obviously doing something right! However, your purity can be damaged by needless contact with obviously unsympathetic people.

49.(6/19/02) Directional Significance in the Pyramids. You raise two very importance questions about the Pyramid Texts at Saqqara. "What is the significance of the direction of the wall that the text is printed on? West wall = Atlantis North wall ?? there some sort of order that the texts should be read. Ex: North wall first then East then South etc?" Faulkner's second footnote to Utterance 25 only says, "The first four gods belong to the cardinal points," Horus (North), Seth (South), Thoth (West) and Dun-onui (East), a most ancient pattern which is indeed significant. Like the Tibetan Pyramids or Stupas millenniums later, the North and South formed a 'consciousness' axis and the West and East formed a so-called 'knowledge holding' axis. In Ancient Egypt, the North (MEHET) was the Full or Dream-free state of consciousness (Second Sight) of Horus. The South (RESU) was the Waking or Dream state of consciousness (Illusion) of Seth. The West (IMENET) was Atlantis of Thoth and the East (IABET) was the equally legendary Lemuria of Dun-onui. The reading order might be from South to North about states of consciousness and possibly from West to East about Ancient History Knowledge. These general patterns could not always be perfect and sometimes had to overlap, but from the meanings of the Hieroglyphic words for North, South, West and East, there can be no doubt about the existence of each significant axis in the Pyramid Text inscriptions.

50.(6/21/02) Egyptology's yet Undiscovered 'Inner Star'. You ask, "What makes you so sure that the grand gallery in the pyramid of Khufu is a 'Star Door'? You have already explained that the architecture of the grand gallery denotes in Egyptian hieroglyphs a door, but why a 'Star' door? In the pyramid of Khufu there is the so called Queen's chamber, which also has a door, named the false door. Could you also say that this is a star door?"  We are talking here about a single spelling, S + B + A or SEBA for two or three different words in use over four thousand years ago in Giza and Saqqara which mean: 'star', 'door' and 'ensouling'. When the spelled out word in the Pyramid Texts is followed by a stylized picture of the 'grand gallery', Egyptologists just think it means 'door'. When it is followed by a stylized picture of a 'star' or nothing, they then think it means a 'star'. And when it is spelled out with S + BA as an adjective, they would think it means 'ensouling'. But when the greatest Egyptologists and best known Writers about Ancient Egypt can only see the different meanings of SEBA, they are all failing to scientifically recognize the fundamental pattern of meaning which can then be directly read in the Architectural Hieroglyphs of the Great Pyramid. The Grand Gallery is an 'Ensouling Star Door' because the consonantal spelling of all three SEBA words is exactly the same. There are many such neglected patterns of meaning in the Egyptian Hieroglyphic language. In this example, Egyptologists are failing to understand that SEBA is an 'Inner Star' because it looks like a star before the Brow, it is a 'Door' because visual consciousness can pass straight through it, and it is 'ensouling' because when consciousness passes through the 'Inner Star' it 'Becomes the Soul'. The pyramids and their texts can never be understood without this knowledge about SEBA. And yes there is also a SEBA 'Ensouling Star Door' in the east wall of the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

51.(6/27/02) The Egypto-Atlantean Bomb in the Great Pyramid. You ask after Answer 50 "one last and final question regarding the end function of the Great Pyramid. If the Great Pyramid was originally designed and constructed with Architectural Hieroglyphs in stone, appertaining to the religious and metaphysical functions of an Egyptian King's soul. Then was the main reason for the Great Pyramid's construction, simply a metaphysical tomb with no physical function in everyday reality?" No! Contrary to Egyptology's suppositions about the Kings which have no shred of support in the Pyramid Texts, neither the Great Pyramid's construction nor its Saqqara Pyramid Texts belonged primarily to any one Egyptian King or his Soul. This is why the Great Pyramid was not covered by the name of its supposed builder. The earliest Kings thought of themselves more as custodians of a 'Terrible Secret' which they revered and wanted to be near at the hour of their death. But if these Pyramids were not primarily royal tombs, why were they permanently sealed up with enormous granite plugs weighing many tons? If we ever hope to know this 'Terrible Secret' which was uniquely modelled as a gigantic Architectural SEBA Hieroglyph and finally for 'Secrecy' sealed in the Midst of the Great Pyramid behind huge granite plugs, we must necessarily first read and understand what it was, before inquiring into its 'end function'. It was a precisely made three dimensional Atlantean device, half a football field long and three storeys high which is now misnamed the 'Grand Gallery'. Egyptologists have failed to scientifically observe that the 'Grand Gallery' is by far the largest and most important cavity in the Great Pyramid. As an engineer, you know that an entirely physical Atomic Bomb is a 'Critical Mass of Uranium'. But you must also understand that a SEBA Egypto-Atlantean Bomb is both physical and metaphysical, because it is a 'Critical Point of Consciousness'. Egyptologists have correctly figured out that the Great Pyramid was not at first sealed as the granite plugs were held open in the Grand Gallery. The Secret of the SEBA Bomb was finally sealed up by its custodians as too dangerous to be released upon their unprepared world. Unlike our Atomic Bomb which required the resources of an entire nation to develop it, the Ensouling-Star-Door Bomb is more dangerous because it only requires the resources of a single man to release a hundred times as much energy. The Secret of the Egypto-Atlantean Bomb in the Pyramid Texts of Saqqara was entombed from the start with custodian Kings behind enormous granite portcullises and plugs. Egyptologists have now opened all of these Pyramids and tourists can enter some of them. Make no mistake about it, the so-called 'Grand Gallery' is still haunted by a host of guardian deities as the metaphysical part of any SEBA Bomb. Tourists who dare to enter this enchanted space will be marked for life.

52.(7/30/02) Is it Second Sight or Hallucination? The Sight, Sound and Touch of the Inner Star should just be experienced and not intellectualized or imagined. KEKU 'darkness' and the SEDEMI 'attachment' of Utterance 80 are the two absolutely essential requirements for the full recovery of the Eye. The Therapy is doomed to failure and even madness without them. 8 hours of 'total' darkness out of every 24, is required for the proper hormonal balance in the body, with or without concentration on the Inner Star. No 'Vision', no matter how short or seemingly insignificant, can EVER be allowed to happen without an immediate 'one second SEDEMI test'. It should be an unbreakable habit pattern because without it, the Eye will no longer bother to approach and only the triumphant Illusions of Hallucination will remain. The essential power of self-reliant DISCRIMINATION between the unfailing Truth of the Eye and the Delusions of a hallucinating Brain, will be entirely lost! For years to come, such DISCRIMINATION can ONLY come from unfailing practice of the SEDEMI technique. This really is the life or death struggle of Utterance 80!

53.(8/4/02) The Egypto-Atlantean Bomb and its Radiation Danger. You have asked about the proper times to concentrate on the Inner Star or such a SEBA Bomb. This is mostly an individual matter, but there are certain times when it is too risky for anyone to engage in it. One concentrates in this way only until SEDEMI 'attached' visions of the opening Eye come into being. But the Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara contain a terrible warning which the top Egyptologists have unwisely censored into oblivion, for over a century now. And while it may be almost impossible for anyone to believe it today, the Inner Star really is an Egypto-Atlantean Bomb or Reactor on the very brink of going dangerously supercritical. It is described throughout the Pyramid Texts with much the same technical terms as those which are required to describe an Atomic Bomb or Reactor. Because SEBA Bombs are so close to criticality, they are dangerously easy to trigger at certain special times and must be handled with care. Visual concentration which usually just opens the Eye a little to some threshold visions will, at the wrong times, instead cause a self-sustained burst of dangerous (PESEG) 'radiation'  to the (SEMA) 'scalp', which in just a few minutes (MER) 'becomes ill' at the New Moons and (NEQEM) 'becomes bald' at the Full Moons, so that (the consciousness of) Second Sight must (SEQEBEB) 'moderate or cool' the (PESEG) 'radiation'. This amount of supernuclear radiation is extremely dangerous and can easily kill. In the Pyramid Texts, PESEG, MER, NEQEM and SEQEBEB are all special technical terms which are only used for describing the SEBA Bomb and its effects. Even the word MER 'pyramid' is not just a pyramid. It is a 'radiation sickness warning pyramid'.This arsenal of technical terms in the Pyramid Texts constitutes unmistakable evidence for the reality of a Terrible Secret in the Great Pyramid.

54.(10/14/02) Inhaling the solitary Word SAH. You have asked, "How should one pronounce the solitary Word SAH" (in the Great Sphinx Therapy for the atrophied Eye of Second Sight at the end of the Utterance 341 page)? It can only be approximated voluntarily in a first stage by inhaling each life-breath calmly in through the mouth (instead of the nose), and then exhaling effortlessly each succeeding death-breath out through the mouth. After some minutes of such breathing during visual concentration upon (or guarding) one's Inner Star image, one's nostrils will become involuntarily blocked in a second stage which will force all subsequent breathing to be through the mouth. The SAH sound of every inhalation through the mouth over the tongue can then be heard correctly with the A being involuntarily pronounced as in the English word 'far'. See also about the Second Sight of executing the Lost Technique in Answer #47.

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