Opening the Door to Immortality
by Clesson H. Harvey

26,000 years ago when the spin axis of the earth last pointed toward our present North Star Polaris, the last of the Old Kingdom Egyptian Pyramids were also being built under the very same Polestar. There is now a time capsule beneath the Sands of Saqqara speaking through Quantum Mechanical Letters from an instructor name Tem to King Meri-en-Ro across a hundred billion galaxies of stars. What is beneath the Sands of Saqqara is nothing less than the Holy Grail of Physics and Chemestry itself. The key to Tem’s Siddhi Training Letters for the king is a Periodic Table of nine paranormal families of consciousness everywhere in the universe. He wanted Meri-en-Ro to quickly be able to join him in psychokinetically levitating and molding his own pyramid, like so much butter out of megalithic blocks of limestone! In this book are 32 letters from Tem translated directly from the hieroglphs found in the pyramid of Meri-en-Ro.

A retired physics and chemistry teacher, Clesson H. Harvey's education includes courses in Tibetan and ancient Egyptian religion at the University of California, Berkeley.  His hobbies are translating ancient Egyptan hieroglyphic texts and complex number and elementary particle theory development.

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Opening the Door to Immortality
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