The Great Pyramid Texts (Cont)

By Clesson H. Harvey

The Great Pyramid Texts of Ancient Egypt are the legacy of a Lost Civilization, so advanced, that we have only just begun to catch up with it in the last 314 years. This quite easily provable fact is still not known or even suspected by the Science of Egyptology. Instead, all we have is a representative Egyptologist in a Television Documentary challenging, "Show me a potsherd!" But the exact evidence supporting the existence of an Advanced Lost Civilization is not necessarily going to be limited to clay pottery! The problem is, that it is not enough to just 'look at' such evidence. It is also necessary to be able to 'recognize' it, when it is 'seen', as the Calculus or Advanced Mathematics which an educated observer already knows. Such 'figurative potsherds' of an Advanced Lost Civilization are scattered all over Egypt!

Sir Alan Gardiner in his "Egyptian Grammar" describes the Ancient Egyptian fractions used to divide the HEQAT Unit or 'Gallon (British Imperial almost exactly)'. He 'sees' that the 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64 fractions of the UDJAT or 'Whole Eye of Horus' add up to only 63/64 and quips, "presumably the missing 1/64 was supplied magically by Thoth." But he fails to 'recognize' that 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64,  .  .  .  is a well-known Calculus 'infinite sequence' which is associated with a Calculus 'infinite series' 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + 1/64 + .  .  . which, only by Calculus, can be added up to exactly 1. The missing 1/64 was thus undeniably supplied by Calculus over 4,000 years ago, which in turn could only have come from an Advanced Lost Civilization. History had to wait for Sir Isaac Newton to invent Calculus in 1687 AD, before we could ever calculate, or even know, the exact HEQAT unitary 'sum', to which it 'converges'.

The UDJAT infinite series is just one out of an infinite number of such geometric progressions. Each one of them has its own 'first term', 'common ratio' and 'convergent sum', if the square of the 'common ratio' is less than 1. The UDJAT infinite series has a 'first term' of 1/2, a 'common ratio' of 1/2 and a 'convergent sum' of 1, when all of its infinite number of terms are added up. [For such an infinite geometric series, the 'Calculus limit' of its 'sum', as the number of its terms approaches infinity, is
(a) / (1 - r) , where 'a' is the 'first term', and 'r' is the 'common ratio' to each subsequent term.]

The UDJAT infinite series is the only geometric series in the Universe, whose 'first term' is the same as its 'common ratio', and the 'sum' of its parts or terms is 1. Even the 1/2 value of its 'first term' and the 1/2 value of its 'common ratio' to the next term were only possible to discover by the Calculus of a Lost Civilization. The 'fingerprints' of Calculus are all over the UDJAT Eye. The Probability of guessing the correct UDJAT infinite series, out of an infinite number of other choices, is exactly zero! Calculus is required, and the Science of Egyptology can no longer remain in a state of not knowing it.

The UDJAT infinite series was so highly revered in Ancient Egypt, that the Kings actually wore 3 Dimensional Hieroglyphs for its Calculus terms on their heads as Royal Crowns. In the Pyramid Texts, the profile view of the NET 'Red Crown' or UADJET 'Green Crown' was the UDJAT sequence of terms '1/16, 1/32 & 1/64' facing straight down for Lower Egypt in the UDJAT Eye; the profile view of the HEDJET 'White Crown' was used for the remaining UDJAT sequence of terms '1/2, 1/4 & 1/8' facing straight up for Upper Egypt in the UDJAT Eye; and the SEKHEMET 'Double or White & Red Crown' was used for the whole UDJAT sequence of terms '1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 & 1/64' or the whole UDJAT Eye of Upper and Lower Egypt combined.

Later in the 18th Dynasty, a new stylized Hieroglyphic Crown was specially designed, so that its profile view would be the KHEPERESH 'Blue Crown' for the UDJAT sequence of Calculus terms '1/8 & 1/16', which the Kings could then wear. These Calculus Crowns of the UDJAT infinite series reveal just how sadly the Science of Egyptology has underestimated Ancient Egypt and its legacy from an Advanced Lost Civilization. The significance of huge sculptured 'Calculus potsherds' everywhere on the heads of the Egyptian Kings, has been completely missed by the Science of Egyptology! Ancient Egyptian 'Calculus potsherds' have also been found in enormous numbers as UDJAT Eye 'amulets', completely misunderstood to be entirely mythological objects.

The Egyptologist Dr. I. E. S. Edwards comments in "The Pyramids of Egypt" about the gigantic 2570 BC Bent Pyramid of SENEFERU, "Although the southern pyramid was no doubt planned as a geometrically true pyramid, it was not completed as such;" If he is right, we have this time a truly enormous 'figurative potsherd', about which the Science of Egyptology has managed once more to not know. Evidently Dr. Edwards was, and apparently still is, the only Egyptologist in the world who knew enough mathematics to be able to 'recognize' the unique slope angle of a huge 'octahedron' poking up out of the desert sands. But no one seems to have known what he meant by 'a geometrically true pyramid'. This 'octahedron potsherd' is one of the five regular solids which was not going to be discovered for another two thousand years around 400 BC by Plato's friend Theaetetus, without some help from a Lost Civilization.

But in the Pyramid Texts, there is evidence that much more than our Calculus was known about the UDJAT infinite series, which is quite alien to Modern Science. The Calculus terms were clearly thought to have some connection with attaining the Paranormal Powers of the UDJAT Eye of Horus through the consciousness of a strange Star. The texts say that concentration on this Great Pyramid Star at first causes Second Sight, which then always leads to Levitation.

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