UTTERANCE 323 (Purifying with the god-Star in the Visual Pool)

519a. djed medu uob en teti heno ro em she iariu

Whenever said is the (Atlantean) Word (sah), it will happen because an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha has purified (originated-Soul-control) together with the god-Star in the Visual Pool (6 inches before the brow),

519b. heru zin ef iuf ek teti djehuti zin ef redui ek teti

where it will be Second-Sight which will attain-for-that your flesh, O (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha, where it will be the Crossing-of-the-two-powers which will attain-for-that your footing, O (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha,

519c. shu fa teti ir her nut imi o etj en teti

it will be the Unmanifested-Void which will lift up an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha to being-in-charge, and it will be your control, O Blue-Void, which will be set-in-place for an (immortal) Atlantean-Siddha.
"Opening the Door to Immortality " by C.H. Harvey
"The Short Path" by C.H. Harvey